Industrial Automation and Control Systems Integration

 "From Design to Installation"

Crockett Technologies is an automation engineering and manufacturing company specializing machine control, motion control, process control and mechatronics.

Our services encompass every stage in the process, from R&D to installation of systems.  Our capabilities include concept, design, testing, assembly, inventory, contract manufacturing, installation and field service.  All systems are designed and manufactured in the USA at our Madison, Wisconsin facility.


 Our Industrial Automation Engineering capabilities include:


 Our Industrial Control System Manufacturing capabilities include:

Our Eco 5 Energy Management System:

  • Facility Automation System specifically designed for Restaurants and other medium sized commercial sites.
  • Optimizes operation of heavy utility consuming equipment such as HVAC and Lighting
  • Automatic preventative maintenance features, alarming, and logging of equipment provide critical information when needed
  • Net result of the Eco 5 system control is lower utility costs, lower maintenance costs and increase in customer comfort

Automation Programming

  • PLC Programming
  • Machine Control Programming
  • Motion Control Programming
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) Programming
  • PC Programming
  • Process Control Programming
  • Servo Motor Commissioning
  • Variable Speed Drive (VFD) Commissioning
  • Data Handling and Aquisition

Automated Processes

  • Web Handling Control
  • Assembly Machine Control
  • Packaging Machine Control
  • Food & Beverage Processing Control
  • Pump Control
  • Pharmaceutical Processing Control
  • Energy Management
  • Building Automation
  • Energy Automation
Energy Management
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